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  • Textiles by the metre

    Silk fabrics by the metre for painting

    Sodintex offers a wide range of silk fabrics by the metre for painting, to which all silk painting techniques can be applied, and with which all silk paint brands can be used. Silk by the metre for painting.

  • Natural silk - scarves

    Silk scarves for painting

    The silk scarves and foulards for painting on sale on our website are made from Chinese silk: silk pongee 5, pongee 8 or habotai silk. These high-quality foulards are delicate and perfectly suited to silk painting.

  • Silk - Wool scarves

    Wool and silk wool scarves for painting

    Sodintex offers silk and wool foulards and scarves for painting: the silk wool absorbs the paint and is an excellent basis for silk painting. You will find silk wool for painting in this online catalogue.

  • Fans

    Silk fans for painting

    Sodintex offers fans for silk painting, silk fans for painting. We have a complete catalogue of immediately available products.

  • Accessories

    Ties, cushions and other silk accessories.

    Sodintex offers silk scarves for painting, a set of ties for silk painting. Headbands, cushions and other accessories for painting. We have a complete catalogue of items available for immediate order.

  • Silk scarves with gutta outlining

    Sodintex silk foulards with gutta for painting

    Sodintex offers scarves and foulards with gutta for silk painting. These are foulards with pre-outlined images for those who want to learn silk painting. We have a large stock of immediately available products.

    The silk with gutta is hemmed by hand, which means that on this website you can buy silk foulards with pre-outlined motifs. Our silk foulards outlined with gutta offer various models that you might like.

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